Lucky Star | Wishes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Gosh. Thirty minutes past two a.m., I already wrote two blogs and was about to close the lid of my laptop when I stumbled into this Daily Post challenge. The topic was glued on my thoughts. Three wishes?! How can that be so hard when this world offers you a lot of things you can hardly have? So I decided to give in, stay awake for a few more minutes, and squeeze my brains into thinking of three dang wishes…

I came to thinking of a lot of things. I was juggling to this and that. I thought I should wish for things my selfish self wants. Or things my family would be happy to have. Or something that’s noble and relevant to what’s going on in our messy society. And the more I gave criteria the more I get stuck to nothing. Closed my eyes. Darkness. Inhaled. Exhaled.

1.  Library — I want to have my very own library where I put all the books I hoard, read and unread. I love reading. Books are like portals to another dimension, to places I’ve never been to, to situations I never want to be in, to moments worth experiencing. I love reading. It gives me knowledge most of the time. Sometimes, it just gives me nothing and it leaves me with lots of questions. Sometimes, the words and plot is complicated and I could not get a grip as to what it’s telling me. But that’s OK. That’ the challenge I always want to keep up. There are things not destined to be known. And it’s OK. I still love books and reading and a library!

2.  Conquer my fear of the deep — I love going to the beach, I can swim but I have this fear of the deep water. I really can’t trace where this fear came from. I grew up in a town that’s near the ocean. Hmmm. Maybe this fear was triggered by scary movies about sea monsters, I am not really sure. Every time I am in the water, all I could think of is how small I am compared to the sea. That it could eat me anytime. That when I get lost somewhere in it, I could never be found. Weird thoughts. But I love swimming. I even tried surfing. I could stay in the water for hours not minding the sun kissing my skin. I tried snorkeling and was amazed with the things I saw under; the fishes, corals, etc. But I want to see more. I’m sure you get what I  mean.

3.  Common Sense to be common in this planet — explanation not necessary…

So there, my three wishes!

Now I need to turn this thing off, stop free-loading my housemate’s wifi and crawl in bed. I am sleepy. Good night!

~ Silver, 8/4/2015

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