January 27, 2015, around 2:30PM, the world shattered because of some problems with the social networking sites; FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I was in Twitter and this automatically trended #FacebookDown. It was not really a big deal for me but what really caught my attention was the twitter tweets of people. See them for yourself…

Take a selfie, remember where you were when happened. Remember it for your grandchildren. ~ @9GAG

With Facebook down, a lot of people are very unsure of the status of their relationships. ~ @jpostman

The worst thing about is not being able to post about it on facebook.

Facebook is down right now, so I will start making calls to let you know when I’m going to the gym and how my dinner looked.  ~ @415dc

Wait, so nobody can invite me to Candy Crush right now? Maybe this isn’t so bad.  ~ @eliseypants


Somewhere in Hollywood a producer is already working on a movie about this social media apocalypse  @aristway27

Picturing scenes of chaos on global transportation as people forced to look up from smart phones into eyes of fellow commuters  ~ @SusanSwarbick

My name is Alison. I am a survivor. I am broadcasting on all frequencies. If you are out there…if anyone is out there…  ~ @AlisonMSmith

So did you “survive” the incident? Hope you got to read a few pages of the book you’re currently reading 🙂 ~ @omflit

That was the shortest worldwide crisis ever.  ~ @rickey

One day I’ll tell my children that I was a survivor. ~ @CalvynJustus

FB/IG down? Then Tell them how you feel face to face. Express love instead of liking posts. Go out.. Run.. Coffee.. Movie.. Be human today. ~ @officialQUEST

There’s still a lot on Twitter. Haha. Gosh! What is wrong with this world? Oh, well. I love it still. The world and everything on it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Facebook and Instagram are back. LOL!

~ Silver
January 27, 2015

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