Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself! – Run!


My response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:ย Express Yourself

I am happy! I finished my first ever 21k run during the Cebu City Marathon 2015.

I was really nervous coz I was not able to train well. I was so busy hibernating at home in the province with my family. Tried to convince myself to practice but laziness is such a bad friend. A week before the event, I panicked. Ran for an hour and 30 minutes. Checked the internet for tips on what to do before running, what to eat and what-not. I annoyed my boyfriend with gazillion of questions as to how to prepare myself. Funny but true.

Then the time has come. There’s no going back. Heard the gunshot, signaling the start of the end. Run, run, run. Got tired, yes. Thought of giving up, hell no! Throughout the run, I was with a friend from my first ever job, Alcherme Roncesvalles-Ng. We ran together. And not to mention, my boyfriend was riding his motorcycle and endlessly taking pictures of us. He was really very supportive. It was really tiring. My legs were screaming for rest. My knees were starting to stiffened that I was having a hard time bending it. My feet were protesting. My sweat was all dried-up. My body was crying for help. My mind was calculating the distance. 10k…13k…17k… I can do this. 19k……………..21k! I did it. 3 hours and 36 minutes was my personal record. I forgot the world. All I was thinking was me finishing the run. I was so happy and proud of myself. I did it. I was able to push myself to achieving something great. Something I did not really believe I can. I was overwhelmed with joy. Thankful for the strength I had, for the courage and guts. My ‘lechon’ medal felt so great around my neck.

And for my next run, I will not be lazy anymore. Slacking off is a no, no. ‘Til next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Silver, January 24, 2o15

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