Life – Death

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

I woke up this morning with a slight fear of the unknown. It was unsettling. I looked around, carefully observing the things I see; pictures of mountains on the wall, scattered books on the floor, a vintage table with sketchbooks & pens, then I realized I ought not to be here. I got up and checked out the window, I was aghast to see that I am in a tower in the middle of the sea. Strong wind blowing my hair. I shivered. My heart began pounding, so hard that it’s deafening. I started shouting from the top ff my lungs but I can’t even hear my own breathing. I run around, checked each window, shouted every time, but nothing seemed to happen. I was panting. It’s as if I was breaking. I pinched myself, punched myself. But nothing. I was helpless. Restless. I sat down, banged my head on the floor. Sweat. Blood. Pain. Fear. Blur. Blank. Gone. Done.

My entry for the Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done

~ Silver, 9/19/2014

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3 Responses to Life – Death

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  2. Swoosieque says:

    EGADS!! What happens next? 😉

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