1. My name ‘SILVER’ is a combination of my parents name.
2. I was brought up the military way by my father, a soldier, that’s why I learned to love eating vegetables since I was little. (Thanks, pa!)
3. In autographs, I always put SOLDIER or LAWYER as my ambition.
4. I had a boy haircut when I was in Elementary and looking at my old photos of it makes me wanna wish I’d forgotten that part. Lol.
5. My school uniforms, pajamas, shorts, bed covers, pillowcases and room curtains were all sewn by my ever-talented mother. (Thanks, ma!)
6. Before going to sleep, I entertain my sisters by acting crazy, pretending I am someone, and uttering lines just like I’m a theater actress. I would always make them laugh.
7. I listen to System Of A Down kind of music while studying or reading. Weird.
8. I love to write. Just anything; poems, stories, blogs. I even tried writing my own songs but didn’t work at all. Ha!
9. I was part of a 4th time Champion Cheer-leading Team all though-out college. Go Flippers!!!
10. My education had been 20% of studying and 80% of extra-curricular activities.
11. My lowest grade in school is Filipino. Toinks!
12. I always shop at my mother’s closet; her tops, shoes and bags. Love you, Ma!
13. I am very patient, like very. But when I explode, that’s everything to it.
14. I am very loud especially when I am with my close friends. I am not ashamed to be me around them. So if you’ve seen my craziness, then that means I trust you, I am comfortable with you.
15. I am a hoarder. Don’t start asking me of what I hoard. It’ll be a long list.
16. I am a rebel of stupid government, inhumane acts, unfair system, etc.
17. I am not scared to try new things. I try not waste opportunities.
18. I am a brat. Most of the time, I always do what I want.
19. I am not scared to speak my mind when I have to. I feel like it’s my social responsibility to express my thoughts about something that concerns the world. Feeling-like-a-hero!
20. I value my life, what I have, the people in it. I am loved. I am blessed! Grateful for the rest of my life.


~ Silver, 9/19/2014

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