…is a choice, they say. It sounds easy. But the truth is, it isn’t. To be happy is one’s desire, ultimate desire I should say. But before you become happy, you have to go through an excruciating process of weighing, thinking, re-thinking, weighing again, consider, re-consider, and all those in the cycle. How I wish choosing to be happy is as easy as blinking. But nah, it isn’t. Sometimes, you would want to be so damn selfish so that you could be happy. But at he end of the day, you wouldn’t be totally happy if you’re selfish. Oh, how ironic!

I say, happiness is a decision. You don’t just simply choose, you decide. You make a lot of choices, it’s part of life, but the decisions you make are the ones that will matter. When you decide, it’s firm, it’s sealed. And it’s not easy to decide. Then that just means that it’s not easy to be happy. Life is never easy. Never has been. Well, that’s the exciting part, right? The challenges, pain, struggles, mishaps. Haha. So to be happy, make a decision! Then work on it. Live for it! πŸ™‚

~ Silver, 9/14/2014

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