“Mindanao? Uhmmm, I don’t want to go to Mindanao. I heard it’s a scary place; crimes and all.”

You don’t have the right to say negative things about Mindanao. Have you been there? Have you lived there? Why is it that every-freaking-time someone utters this place, you would go hysterical? You would go cray-cray as if the place is a dead end?

It’s quite a big place. And just like Luzon and Visayas, things could go wrong; things you can’t control like crimes, drugs, politics, etc. So stop acting like you’re living in the most perfect place. If a shallow-minded person like you lives in that somewhere, then that place is not a safe place. Coz obviously, you’re there. Lol!

Security and safety does not depend on the place itself, it depends on the people living there. So wherever you are, you have to open up all your senses. You have to arm yourself with the possibility that anything can happen. You have to be prepared to protect yourself. So please, grow up and don’t be so judgmental. Wakey, wakey!

Mindanao is a great place. In it lies a lot of beautiful places. In it dwells a land that is full of richness. In it resides awesome people with brilliant minds. Β I am proud to be from Mindanao! Forever will be. πŸ™‚

~ Silver

Agspeak, 5/20/2014

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2 Responses to #ProudToBeFromMindanao

  1. jazperjay says:

    Weee? hahaha

    Tell that person to wait for MINDANAO to be a separate state from the Philippines. Mindanao can live on its own without relying to other islands.. hahaha


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