Daily Prompt: I look up to…

Teen Age Idol

Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

— I don’t idolize these people. I love their songs and I am amazed by their talent!

MUSIC! When I was a teenager, I started listening to… 

Christina Aguilera!

Spice Girls!

Backstreet Boys!

Avril Lavigne!

Alanis Morissette!

System of a Down!


Boyz II Men!

Justin Timberlake!

Destiny’s Child!

I also love The Cranberries, Nirvana, Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Seether, N’Sync, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Missy Elliot, Incubus, Weezer, Blink 182, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Slipknot, The All-American Rejects, Korn, Pink, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Kings of Leon, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, The Fray, Jason Mraz, Flyleaf, and a lot more.

And for local artists…

Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Greyhoundz, Imago, Kamikazee, Yano, Parokya ni Edgar, Slapshock, Urbandub, Up Dharma Down, Tropical Depression, etc.

I love music. It gives life to my every day. It speaks my thoughts and emotions. It tells stories of people I don’t know and helps me understand them. It gives me lessons. It is freedom of expression. It is an escape from reality and it is reality. It is the sound of my feelings. It unites people. It is art. It is sadness and happiness combined with a little of everything. It is history and it will be the future.

I love music. And have been singing ever since I-could-not-remember and will forever sing my heart out.


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