The Silent Beauty of Mt. Lantoy

I was super lucky to be invited in an event going to Mount Lantoy, Argao, Cebu. But a day before the climb, there was a low pressure sneaking in Visayas. The organizers of the event decided to cancel the climb for safety reasons.

I was already tucked in my bed when I received a text message that the event will push through since it’s already safe. Obviously, mountaineers just can’t live a weekend without going somewhere. Yey! Hurriedly packed and excitedly went to South Bus Terminal to meet the rest of the 21 nature-lovers.

We departed late in the afternoon, February 1, 2014 and arrived around 5pm in Argao, Cebu. We had dinner and started our 3-hour night trek going to the camp site. Days before this event, I was told that in this mountain lies some creepy stories. I heard a lot of things from those people who have already visited the place. I was a bit scared but the adventurous side of me won over the fear of the unknown. And while I was trekking through the body parts of the mountain, I could feel nothing, I could hear nothing. So everything’s OK.

We reached the campsite around 11pm, pitched out tent, cooked our late dinner, ate and gathered around for socials. We talked about a lot of things; getting to know each other, hobbies, places we’ve been to, places we wanna go, next events, etc. We had a good laugh. We had a great night.



In Philippine mythology, Mount Lantoy is said to be the domain of Maria Cacao, a diwata who lives in a cave in the mountain. Outside her cave grow numerous cacao trees, which are said to be her plantation. After harvest time come rains that wash down the mountain, enabling Maria Cacao to float down to the towns below in her golden ship to sell her products. (A little history: Mt. Lantoy)

But sorry, I have no creepy stories to tell. Haha. Nothing weird happened. Everything was normal. 🙂

The next day…

We were all excited to go caving. Unfortunately, the cave has cracks and we’re advised not to go caving. But it’s fine. Setting our foots on the mountain is the best feeling there is. We started trekking around the mountain. We crossed the same amazing river for 8 times. Imagine that!







A special space for my two-fie partner, GHALAII! 🙂



And to my old and new friends….



And here’s my thing every time; my not-so-headstand and my super blooper photo. Wahahahahaha! 🙂



It was indeed a super great weekend of adventure, laughter and craziness with old and new friends. Thanks to the organizers and for the invite. Super thanks!

Grabbed these pics from my friends. Super thanks! Hehehe.

As always, the mountain has given me a certain kind of happiness and peace that no other place in the world can offer. Another weekend of realizing that I am in an amazing planet and that I should forever be grateful. ‘Til next adventure…

~ Silver

Agspeak, February 21, 2014

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