Reminiscing 2013…

Ok. I haven’t had the chance to write a blog for I have been super busy with a lot of things; relief operations, outreach programs, debut of cousin, year-end work stuff, Christmas rush, etc. My hands have been itching to write but I don’t want to start something and end up not finishing it. Well…

My 2013 was a blast. The first quarter of it was challenging. I became single after almost 10 years of always being in a relationship. It was tough because I can’t remember how to live a day alone, a day not having someone beside me. But myself surprised me. After a week or two, I was back on my feet again. I have the strongest support group and that’s my family and friends. I realized that I have all the reason to be happy because I am loved.

I went back to mother nature and music. Not because I am trying to forget the not-so-good-things but because I have been in love with these ever since. I went caving and rock/waterfalls climbing with Sinapats. I joined the Annual Friendship Climb and Lunatrek. I met new mountaineers and they invited me to join their day hikes and short trips. Went to beautiful beaches and tried snorkeling & skim-boarding. I jumped in a waterfall, drunk Tuba, sang and danced in front of a crowd. I watched a lot of gigs; Parokya ni Edgar, Urbandub, Franco, Powerspoonz, Yano, Bambuspliff, Kamikazee, Rico Blanco to name a few. I don’t know. I just love music. It’s in my genes.

Then there’s food. We had this “Best Burger Challenge” and so far it’s Big Tom’s. 2013 was not a year for diet. What for? We binge on food and more food and we don’t really care.

Then the earthquake and typhoon happened. The aftermath was devastating. A lot of people lost their loved ones, homes and sources of living. It was painful to see my brothers and sisters crying for help. And the mountaineers/outdoor enthusiasts decided to have relief operations for the victims. We went to Bohol twice and to the North of Cebu thrice. Helping others was one of the best things I did for 2013. The feeling is amazing and great. Seeing them smile upon receiving our help is magical. I really felt the connection there. Every time I get to touch their hands and tap them in their shoulders, I get this happy feeling. It is indeed true that we are all connected with each other.

Then I met new friends, reunited with the old ones and made new memories with them. The laughter, tears, craziness, bloopers, bullying, weird trips, spontaneous conversations, awkward silence, hurtful truths, shocking revelations, wittiness, out-of-this-world ideas, priceless initiatives, kind souls, complicated stories, unforgettable adventures, etc. I am super blessed because I am surrounded with awesome people.

Family. What else can I say? I am grateful because I have the most supportive family. I could not ask for more. When I was down, they were there, silently hugging me. They were there, listening to my sighs and praying for me to get back on my feet and love again. They were there despite the distance. I felt them. My family is not perfect but we love each other and that is enough for us to be able to go through all the challenges the world will give. We always get by. We always do.

And after almost 10 months, I found a special someone. I did not ask for him but I did not closed my heart for the possibility. I know that anything can happen. And I see him as a gift, a blessing. A guy that’s happy, positive, kind, sweet, caring, responsible, humorous and athletic. He makes me smile and inspires me. I am super lucky. Whatever and wherever this relationship will lead us, am glad I’ve met him. And I am thankful!

I am bidding good bye to 2013. It has been one hell of a ride. I am saying hello to 2014 and along with me is the lessons and great things I’ve learned. I am bringing with me the good vibes, the great friends, the stronger and inspired me. This year, I have lots of plans and goals. I have my new year’s resolutions and I ought to do all those. I have in me a soul of an adventurer, the drive of wittiness, the guts to try new things, the goal to be awesome, the faith in HIM and the heart to love unconditionally. I am super excited for what’s in store for me. And I intend to write all my crazy adventures because I know I’ll be proud of it, whether you like or not. Hahaha!

Bring it on, 2014! πŸ™‚






~ Silver

Agspeak, January 3, 2014

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  1. imnotgonnalaii says:

    in 3..2..1.. purrrrrfeeeccccttt!!

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