Aftermath: Typhoon Yolanda, Philippines

The most powerful tropical cyclone of the year hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013. Super typhoon Yolanda (International codename: Haiyan) barreled through most of the Visayas, Philippines leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. See more of the article. Typhoon Yolanda (,


ABS-CBN News > Super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), the world’s strongest tropical cyclone of 2013, is packing winds in excess of 300 kilometers per hour, the US military said early Friday morning, just before the cyclone made landfall in the Visayas.

The US Navy and Air Force’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center, in its Super Typhoon 31W Warning No. 19, said Yolanda has maximum sustained winds of 315 kph (170 knots) and gusts reaching 380 kph (205 knots).

Typhoon Haiyan killed 1,200 and counting people > This is really heart-breaking.

Chaos-Dead Bodies-Ravaged StreetsState of Emergency > Dead bodies are everywhere. The scene is devastating. People are having a hard time counting those bodies. The typhoon has left totally wrecked cities. When the typhoon has pacified, people started looting for food and water and other necessary things. There was chaos. People are desperate to get what they need. They were not able to wait for the help from others because of too much hunger. We can’t really blame them. We really can’t tell what they’re feeling because we are not there. We did not experience the traumatic event.

Philippines needs help > The Philippines is crying for help. A lot of people lost their loved ones, homes, etc. A lot of people need food, shelter, medicine, water, etc. A lot of people are still missing because the communications were badly damaged. No signal, no networks, no electricity. The Philippines need help.

Despite all these, the Filipinos are still hopeful that this calamity will soon be over. The Filipinos are well-known to be strong and always optimistic. The Filipinos, despite diversity, have unbreakable faith. Just this October, the Philippines were shaken by an Earthquake, now a typhoon. Some were not able to recover from the previous calamity and here they go again for another. But how amazing Filipinos can be. They are still there, trying, standing, praying. I am indeed amazed by how awesome Filipinos are. Honorific | Filipinos

After the typhoon, it’s overwhelming to know that there’s a lot of people who are willing to help. A lot of people (Filipinos and foreigners) volunteered to pack goods for the typhoon victims. A lot of people donated wholeheartedly for the victims. It’s really overwhelming to know a lot of people care, the world cares. I cannot express how thankful I am for the overflowing generosity.

Our fellow typhoon victims are still in need of help. I made this blog to spread the word. I know a lot of bloggers in this planet are good-hearted people. I am hoping that in my own little way, I can let the world know what’s going in the Philippines and hope that you will include our country in your prayers.


bangon visayas

I am part of a mountaineering/friendship climbers organization (consists of different groups of mountaineers, trekkers, campers, etc.), we are collating goods which includes, food, water, medicine, used clothing, etc., for the victims of typhoon. We just can’t sit and watch our fellow-Filipinos struggle for hunger and pain because of this. To my fellow bloggers, if you want to help, that would be really great. Just leave a comment in this blog or you can message me in:




A lot of big organizations are also helping. Red Cross, Gawad Kalinga, DSWD, National Government of the Philippines, NGO’s, etc., just to name a few. You can also contact them.

You can share/donate (but not limited) the ff as pack:
1-2 kilos of rice
2-4 canned goods
3-4 noodles
1 liter mineral water

You can also include used clothing, slippers, etc.

To all my friends and fellow mountaineers, we can do this. We can be of help in our little way. Our little amount of donation will go a long, long way. We can give smile and hope to the victims. I am proud of you, guys!!! You are all heroes!!! 🙂


Sincerely yours,

Silver Sugordiano, Communications Trainer/Mountaineer/a concern citizen of the Philippines 

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