Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour | Time and Life

Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour > 6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime? What’s your golden hour?

Here’s my second attempt to write a poem. Good or not so good, I just love writing… 🙂

Back and forth I briskly walk,
With bag of stuff I tend to stalk.
Checked the time, I almost cracked.
I’m late for work and snapped my back.

Quickly I gathered myself
Coz I have a class I need to see.
I hate it when they excitedly wait
For my presence to finally be.

Grasping and panting, I started the day
Laughing, listening and talking,
Teaching, instilling and learning.
Definitely wasting nothing for something.

Time is the yesterday, now and tomorrow.
What’s done is done; yesterday.
Do what you’re supposed to do; now.
Plan what you want to do; tomorrow.

Time is gold but not for sale.
Time is free so you have to see.
Time is quick so have to care.
Time is fair so you have to be.

Time is the same length with life.
Life is always partnered with time.
A wasted time is a wasted life.
A wasted life is wasted chance.

Value time as you value life.
Use your time to spread goodness and love.
Value life as you value time.
Live your life right and be brave to try.

The best time is every time.
The best moment is every moment.
The best hour is every hour.
The best life is now, the GOLDEN HOUR!


~ Silver

Agspeak, House of Beautiful People, 11/1/2013

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