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Today’s Daily Prompt:

October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated.

This is a good topic because I really would want to honor the Filipinos. It has been almost a year of ups and downs for my fellowmen. A lot of things happened. Natural calamities had vigorously hit this country; typhoon, flood and earthquake just to name a few. Along with it are the problems that it has been facing; poverty, education, pollution, corruption, etc. Well, I’m sure that these things are also happening in other countries. These are parts of human existence.


October 15, 2013 > It was a miracle that I woke up early. After almost an hour of prepping, I was out on the streets going to the office. Then suddenly, my world trembled. I saw a lot of people coming out from their houses and buildings. I looked up and it was very clear that the infrastructures were shaking. A strong shake. I was so scared but could not even bother shouting. I was just there, feeling it, hoping no one will get hurt, waiting for Earth to pacify its tremors. I felt like I was in movie and that something horrifying will come out from beneath and a muscular good-looking guy with unexplained super powers will appear out of nowhere. But to my dismay, it was not a movie. No creatures unleashed. No superheroes appeared. Turned off my chain of thoughts and slapped myself back to reality. The ground was mad at something no one knows. Then it stopped; the shaking. Composed and checked my surrounding. My selfishness thought of going back home to save my life but my trainees will be at the office so I decided to still go. They are my responsibility. Bailing on them is the last thing I would wanna do.

On my way, it was like a major concert. A lot of people were on the streets. I saw some parts of buildings collapsed. It was really nerve-wracking. This was the first time I’ve experienced an earthquake as angry as this. When I arrived at the office, I automatically checked the internet. Visayas and Mindanao, particularly in the provinces of Bohol and Cebu, had been shaken by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It was strong. They said it was equivalent to 32 Hiroshima bombs. That’s crazy! Then photos/videos were uploaded and seeing a lot of people hurt and historical places wrecked was devastatingly painful. My only prayer was for people to be safe especially those in the areas where the epicenter of the earthquake had jolted.

Until now, we are still experiencing every now and then aftershocks. Almost a hundred of people have died and some were seriously injured. Houses were destroyed. Buildings/historical places bowed down to the ground. Bridges and roads were crushed. Classes and offices were suspended. No electricity in some areas. Shortage of food, water and other necessities. The country is indeed facing a calamity.


(Some photos after the earthquake…If you wanna check out the news, Bohol-Cebu, Philippines Quake)

But despite all of these, the Filipinos remained calm and strong. As I watch the news and posts in the internet about this tragedy, the more I realize how adamant the foundation of a Filipino is. The values and personality that you have is out of this world. You were battered and bruised by inevitable calamity, countless times. Yes, you can choose to just sit down and blame others for what happened. You can choose to cry your complaints and disgusts to the government. You can choose to wait for someone to rescue you. You can choose to do nothing and allow yourselves to feel weak. You are mundanes. You can get tired. You can feel weak and helpless. But you are not designed to stay that way. You get tired but you always battle your way out. Years and countless experiences have made the Filipinos not so ordinary people. You always stand up every time you fall. You are fighters by nature. You always survive because you choose to, you are determined to. You never forget to put up a smile and show genuine optimism. You take actions and always look at the bright side of everything. You don’t fuss over unseen situations. You always face trials with hope and confidence that the not-so-good things will soon pass. You accept challenges without hesitation. You always unite in circumstances as such. Your faith, though different, is steadfast. Your love and respect for each other is without a doubt, unconditional.

Filipinos are born brave. You are full of initiative and always think independently. You value the good things. You embrace hardships and treasure the lessons. You give importance to life. You always keep your feet on the ground a midst success. You live humbly and peacefully. You are always ready to lend a hand because you see each other as family. You appreciate each other’s works and never forget to help whenever it’s needed. You always work hand-in-hand. Together, you can even move mountains. You are and will forever be grateful for the blessings bestowed upon you. You are not perfect, that I’m sure. You have your own shortcomings. You miscalculate your decisions. You feel hurt and abused sometimes. But that’s how you get to understand the essence of being alive. That’s how you learn. That’s how you end up standing in the middle of a crisis. And in your every day, you always strive to live the righteous way; the best possible way you could. Whatever happens, you, Filipinos, will continue to breathe. You are unshakable!

I am pleased to dedicate this blog to honor the Filipinos, for your greatness and bravery. I want everyone to know how blessed the world is for your being. You deserve the limelight. I admire you! I salute you! I am inspired by you! I am so happy to have shared the same genes with you; traits and values. I still have a lot to learn though. I am thankful that I’m part of this unique race. I am lucky to have witnessed your existence and I will surely value this chance grow to surrounded by you.

“I am proud to be a Filipino, in thoughts, words and in deed.” 🙂


~ Silver

Agspeak, House of Beautiful People, 10/17/2013

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