Travel Theme: Through

This is going to be my second entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge of Ailsa’s Travel Theme. I am trying my best to express my thoughts in different themes. I love taking pictures though I don’t have an expensive camera. What matters is I was able to capture the things I wanna keep…

This was on my way to the peak of Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. The road was in total darkness. With my headlamp and guts, I was able to go through the darkness.

through 1



I love mountains; trekking, climbing, camping, and all that goes with it. And it’s amazing to know that there are people who supports this activities and came up to the idea of making it easier for nature-lovers to trek especially for people who have kids. Exposing children to these kinds of outdoor activities while they are young will make them see through the world.


through 2



I love reading books. It’s my other way of seeing through other people’s perspectives and at the same time learning new things from them; things that will help me make it through life.

through 3



This is the beautiful sunset of Dipolog City, Philippines, my beloved hometown. I consider myself lucky for I am privileged to see the sun when it’s about to say “Hi!” to the other part of this planet. Whenever I watch it set, the more I appreciate its existence. The sun, through it, we live.

through 4


That’s it! Β This is my own interpretation.Β I hope I was able to give justice to the theme. πŸ™‚

“When all of the world says we won’t make it through, we’ll battle the world.” ~ Urbandub


~ Silver

Witty Traveler, Excel Asia, September 23, 2013


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4 Responses to Travel Theme: Through

  1. nice meeting you Silver! #YOLO! woot woot

  2. Bunzy says:

    ahem!!!i am no writer..i am just a traveller!!!nyahahaa

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