Travel theme: Distance

I wanna try this weekly photo challenge. Was browsing through wordpress and saw a blog about it, Ailsa’s Travel Theme. I’m not good at taking photographs but these are proof of my adventures.

Last August, I had the chance to get closer to nature. I went to Budlaan Falls, Cebu, Philippines and was amazed to see this prideful waterfalls. Its base was perfect! The rocks were strong. It was surrounded with the perfection of greens. If you will think of jumping this high, it’ll be crazy! But sometimes in life, you have to risk. You have to stop over-analyzing. You have to be spontaneous. Your future will depend on the things you do at the present. Have faith. Then take the leap.



I am always fascinated with clouds. How I wish I can touch them. I wonder how would it feel like. Every time I look up the sky, the clouds would seem to always tell me that it’ll be okay. Clouds are like friends. They might be far, but they still care. The distance doesn’t really matter.



It’s not easy to be miles away from your family. Everyday of wishing and hoping to reunite. But distance is really not that big of a deal. Family is family. Distance will not affect the love. It will even bring the family closer. For me, distance is just the amount of space between people. It’s an amount of space that tests the solidity and love of a family.




“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have time.” — Steven Wright


~ Silver

Agspeak, House of the Sinapats, Cebu City, September 6, 2013


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