Day Hike: Budlaan Falls – Serao Peak

September 1, 2013 > A week after the 5th Annual Katkat Pakighimamat, some mountaineers decided to go for a day hike from Buslot-Budlaan-Mt. Kan-irag (Sirao Peak), a maximum of 7-hour walk depending on the pace. I was lucky to be summoned. Something in me was so eager to join. This is what I love…Spending time with nature is one of the most useful things I do with my time. So despite the fact that I don’t really know most of the people that I’ll be joining with, I counted myself in. I just have to put on a thicker face coz I just can’t say no to nature. A test of my interpersonal skills. Hmmm. Am friendly! Hakuna Matata! 🙂


There were 28 nature-lovers who showed up our meeting place (McDonalds in JY Mall, Lahug, Cebu City). That’s a lot! And I was super excited to start the hike and also hopeful to be able to meet new friends. We rode a jeepney going to Buslot. From there, we started hiking…




We then reached Brgy. Budlaan and decided to stop for a few minutes to rest and of course to take pictures. 🙂


Then continued hiking/trekking/roping/climbing all for the sake of seeing the amazing waterfalls.





Then upon me beholds one of the most beautiful sight, the Budlaan Falls. Seeing it in pictures was totally different if you’re there, staring and contemplating how perfectly it was created. And this was the moment I’ve been hoping for. To be this close to nature. And I, indeed, felt nothing but happiness. 🙂







And since am a witty and crazy traveler, I attempted to do a headstand on the rocks. It failed though. My arms and legs were too shaky to control. Oh, well. Hahaha.



Then it was time to continue the journey. Our very kind guides prepared ropes for those who will have a hard time climbing the mountain. I really appreciate their concern and help especially to those first-timers. Super grateful! 🙂



I love it when I have to pass a body of water with rocks. Jumping from one rock to another is fun and exciting. But one should be very careful though or else… 















We were all catching our breath… That was a long and challenging hike. So we decided to stop in a store to relax and re-boost. We were so thirsty that we almost bought all the refreshments on the store. What’s in-demand was the “Sparkle”. We also had ice candy in different flavors and chocolates. But what really stood out was the smooth conversations we had. We talked about lots of things. It’s as if we were already friends for years. They were all so friendly. There were no dull moments. The jokes and punchlines were crazy and super funny. I will never forget how I trapped myself in the “Ambalong” joke. Tsk! How could I not know it! We were all laughing…They were all laughing at me. Haha! 🙂

38 69








Then the siesta is over! Off we go!










Then we reached the peak…Serao Peak (Mt. Kan-irag). It was an achievement! The view was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! We can see everything below. The sea and Cebu. It was a complete drop-jaw!









After being with the solid rocks, clear waterfalls, super fresh air and the vast mountains, we have to go. The gift of serenity that the beautiful scene we’re in was more than enough for us to believe that life is wonderful! 🙂










The activity was obviously tiring. We walked for like six hours. Whose human body would not break with that? Our feet and back were sore. But look at us? We have non-stop smiles on our faces. What we have experienced was ah-mazing! And not to mention, we made new friends. No amount of material things can suffice to the happiness that we felt. It was all worth it! 🙂

Some people may never understand why we are doing this. What do we get out of it? Body pain. Yes! That’s just what they see on the surface. I really want to let them understand the reason why but I have to hold that thought. Why should we bother explaining? It is true that we can’t please anybody. And this love that we have for nature and for Earth, as a whole, is beyond explainable.  That magical feeling when you’re on top of a beautiful creation is inexplicable. That astonishing moment when you have the chance to feel the planet that we’re in is priceless. They will never understand that. It’s a feeling that’s only known to nature-lovers/mountaineers. That’s why we climb mountains together. That’s coz we share the same feelings. Though we may be different. We may have various reasons why we do this; it could be to release stress, to be able to think clearly, to make friends, to do something new, etc. But I know we all have something in common. And that is we all love nature…

I really thought I don’t have a blooper picture. But when I scanned all pictures that were uploaded, I saw this… Wahahahahaha! (this was from Love Agbay’s album) What in heaven am I doing with my face?! Not again! Oh, well. Where’s fun if there’s no wittiness and craziness!! 🙂



I super thank everyone for being friendly and for making me laugh all the time. You were all so kind and am super blessed to have met you. I had another splendid date with nature!

“With hard-work, determination and faith in God, LIFE must go on.” (Kuya Hayo)

Until next nature adventure, guys!!! See yah! 🙂


~ Silver,

Witty Traveler, House of Sinapats, September 5, 2013

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