15 Things I Can Do!

Am bored. So I thought of doing this. :))))

1. I can stay up for 48 hours. (proven)

2. I can dance. (hehehe)

3. I can sing. (my own standards)

4.Β I can eat half gallon of ice cream. Just make sure it’s choc, vanilla or salad flavor!

5. I can climb mountains.

6. I can throw smooth punchlines to conversations. (joker!)

7. I can watch series/movies for hours alone. I don’t really care!

8. I can travel alone. It’s fun!

9. I can organize an event. Am used to it coz I’ve been very active to such!

10. I can act. Well, who doesn’t?

11. I can live a day without water intake.

12. I can be very talkative!

13. I can be a good friend. Just don’t screw me up!

14. I can hate for 2 seconds and it’s gone!

15. I can tell you that the things above are lies…

Wahahahahaha! :))))

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2 Responses to 15 Things I Can Do!

  1. jazperjay says:

    Char ayo oi! πŸ˜‰

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