5th Katkat Pakighimamat!!!

I was invited by a friend to join this event. Who am I to decline? This is what I love. This is who I am. I am super in love with nature. I love mountains, waterfalls, caves, beaches, trees and rocks!!! The clean breeze is perfect! Whenever mother nature calls, I just can’t resist…



I was all set and ready!!

Woke up early. Hafta be in the Ceres Bus Parking Area before 9AM.

This girl right here (Bonny Ann Apostol Gicale) is the only person I know in a crowd of mountaineers… (200+ participants)



Then starts the never-ending picture taking…




After almost four hours, welcome to the Munacipality of Ginatilan. I was so shocked coz there were bands playing and a lot of people were waiting for our arrival. My heart melted. They were super sweet and welcoming.



And am part of the TRIBU WAFU WAFA!!! Joiner lang! You can’t argue with that. Wahahahaha!



Off to Mt. Hambuboyog… We were super excited and despite the shaky journey, we still managed to take pictures. It was so foggy and cold. The view was Ah-mazing! Yes! Along the way, we cursed! WTF! What the FOG!!!! Wahahahahaha! Look how happy we were. Image

Then we started to pitch our tents. Oh, how I love sleeping on tents! It’s home to me. Thanks to Judah for the help. :)))


It was super cold… But that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Away from the city’s toxic!


Our sumptuous dinner is ready!!! Attack!!! :))))


The drizzle and coldness didn’t stop me from socializing with the rest of the mountaineers… Am friendly and so were they. Chatting and laughing with ’em were just a few of the highlights in the event.



And of course, selfie inside my tent while listening to System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Paramore, Eminem, etc…! Haha.Β Image

Good morning, Mt. Hambuboyog!!! Watching these colorful little homes and it got me thinking how amazing this day was.Β Image

A big day ahead. Outreach, Clean-up Drive and Tree Planting!!! Here we go!! :)))






Headed back to the plaza. A lot of activities were in store for us. Pinoy games and Ah-mazing Race. Excited much!! I helped in facilitating the race. It was super fun! :)))



Then, since I am crazy, I challenged these guys to a sack race. Wahahaha! Whoever loses will hafta buy beer for the winners. And…. I FAILED! Wahahaha! T’was super hard. Didn’t know that it is. LOL. At least, I tried. Thanks, guys, for giving in to my craziness!!! I still owe you. πŸ˜›


Then after the awarding… hmmmm… or was this during the awarding?? Waahaha! We just can’t help doing this. LOL! With the welcoming mayor of Ginatilan. Thank you soooo much, sir! :)))Image

Then off to the shore we go!!! I love beaches! :))))

Nothing stopped us from swimming. Even the darkness, the rocks, sea urchins and the cold breeze!!! Fun, fun, fun!!! :)))



Met a good friend, Keawe!! Thanks for the pictures!! :)))

And since sleeping early is not an option, we had this! Fresh and sweet Tuba!! And hugging it is comforting! Wahahahaha! :)))



Hello, third day!!! Coffee and yummy breakfast was great!!





Then off to Inambakan Falls we go!!!



People started jumping. And I felt like doing it! Hmmmm. Can I?


Up there was scary. My legs, no, my entirety was shaking. People were cheering. If I won’t jump, it’ll be a great moment wasted. Hmmmm. After eons (10mins), I jumped!!! I don’t know how to swim. Gawd! But I trusted someone to get me off the water. Thanks, t’bunzy! Wahahaha! Buwis-buhay! But it was AWESOME!!! Braver me… πŸ˜›



Then we went to Aguinid Falls!!! :))))



Then it was time to go. 😦


Blooper pics!!!



Wahahahaha! Thanks to HaLourd for these. Effort kau kung makabantay sa mga mga funny moments! Hehehe!

Well, if you really checked all the pics, you will notice that I always stick my tongue out and do the rockstar pose. Wahahahaha! Almost all my pics are like that. And I didn’t realize it until I was done checking all pictures. Oh, well. Am wacky and crazy. That is SOOOOOOO MEEEEEE!!! :))))

The 5th Friendship Climb at Mt. Hambuboyog, Ginatilan, Cebu was a blast! Went there with one friend and went home with lots! This event is indeed unforgettable. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Everyone was AWESOME!! And the nature was beautiful!!! Words are not enough to express how happy and grateful I am.

Kudos to the ORGANIZERS who worked their asses out just to make this huge event a success. I salute you, guys! This is not an easy event to manage but obviously, you did one hell of a great job! Putting together a large number of nature-lovers requires hard-work and will. You were all AH-mazing!!!! Super thank you!!!


I will forever cherish every moment of the event. Never will I forget the people I’ve met and the stories they’ve shared with me. Also the lessons I learned and the new things I discovered about me. Forever thankful!!! :)))

Am sooooo looking forward for the next nature trip… Just holla! :)))

~ Silver

Witty Traveler, House of Sinapats, Cebu City, August 30, 2013

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