To the best Mom!


Never had I imagined my life if you were not my mother. Looking back to the things that had happened in our lives, it was you who really did everything to keep us strong…

Our family has been through a lot of things. Things a person with no faith and extraordinary strength can even face. Our family has been challenged in all ways. Aside from being a mother, you became our father. No one knows how hard it was for you to become a parent to five children. I’ve seen you work so hard. And I never heard any complaints. You just always tell me that moving on with our lives is the best thing to do. You have dreams for us. And with that, you were motivated!


I grew up to be a person who valued education. You never forced me to get high grades. I never felt any pressure while studying. That’s why I pushed myself to do more to make you proud. You were my inspiration. You were the reason for the awards and recognition I’ve received. I just wanna do my best to make you happy.

You have supported us in all our endeavors; and that includes a lot of school activities. You understood the fact that I wanna enjoy my school days even though that means going home very late (that’s 3 am). You were so patient and considerate. You have given me your trust without any questions asked. And you were always there whenever I go on stage to perform. You were a stage mother. You were and will always be my number one fan!


I am who I am today because of you. That’s why there’s no greater way in expressing my gratitude to the things you’ve done for me and for my siblings. You have taught me a lot of precious things. You taught me how to forgive. You taught me not to hold grudges. You taught me to be optimistic and to always fight for life. You taught me that there’s more love to give. Love is limitless! You taught me to be grateful in the things I have. That’s why I am no materialistic person because you made me realize that life is not about the money and things it can buy. You made me see the beauty in simplicity. You also taught me to value the lessons I’ve learned in life. And still there’s a lot!

Ma, I know am not a perfect daughter. I am sometimes a pain in your neck. Those sleepless nights you’ve been through coz I did not inform you where I am. Those headaches you get coz am too lazy to do the chores. Those times when I make stupid decisions, etc. But you were forgiving. You were patient and understanding! So I wanna take this chance to say sorry for being a bad ass daughter. Hehehe!


Ma, we are grown-ups now. We make our own choices, own decisions. So if we somehow fail with our endeavors, please don’t blame yourself! It is not your fault. You have done more than everything to make us better persons. And you did a great job. We learned a lot and are still learning from you. Thanks for making us fly, ma. For trusting that we can pursue our dreams. For believing in what we can do. For being the best mom there is!

No words can express how grateful I am for having you as a mother! You are indeed the best mom this planet ever has! You are our hero! Our Darna, Volta, Tanging Ina, Catwoman, SuperWoman and Bestfriend! We wish you happiness! Now I want you to think of yourself. Go out with your friends! Pamper yourself! Laugh the hardest! Shop ‘til you drop! Go to places you want! We just want you to enjoy life, ma. You deserve it! 🙂


Happy mother’s day Mama Virginia Canturias Sugordiano!!! We love you so much! Mwah! 😀

~ Silver

Agspeak, May 2013

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