The Rush and the Comfort…

I was feeling so great today until I left the office around 6:30 pm…

…was stuck in traffic. It took me almost an hour before I was able to ride a jeepney. Not to mention the struggle and waiting. Struggle coz I have to fight for my seat. T’was dreadful minutes of constant battle between passengers trying to win a seat. Everyone was on a competition mode; adults, students, elders, long hair, bald, etc…

Feet and legs in agony. My head starts pounding. I really don’t like crowded places. Am kinda freak (well, that’s a different story). And unfortunately, I was the crowd.

But it doesn’t end there. The travel was even more dreadful. Traffic! You can already imagine that. Hot. Noisy. Crowd. The stopping from time to time. It made me sicker. Head still pounding and my back started aching. Was about to close my eyes when I realized it’s not safe. The situation left me no choice but just to endure the long, painful ride hoping it will be over soon.

Arrived home. Checked the time and it was almost 8:30 pm. I was in the busy streets of Cebu for two freakin’ hours. I was like, “What??” Two hours of nothing but pain in the ass. I could have read chapters of my Inferno. I could have updated my ‘to-do list’. I could have piled my clean clothes. I could have done a lot of things. I could have…

But I was not able to.

I was so tired I did not even bother eating. I wanna embrace my bed. Lots of plans got canceled. No more reading. No more piling of clothes. No more anything. I just went dead.

Then it occurred to me. Rush hour is rush hour! Who am I kidding? There is no way in heaven and hell that I can change that. It is what it is. But the thing was I had the choice. I could have chosen to wait. Wait for the rush to cease to rage. Wait for the streets to calm. Wait for the people to subside. I should have waited…

People will always have a choice. And it’s really not wrong to choose comfort. It’s your life anyway. As long as you’re not hurting someone, choose comfort. Life is unsure and denying yourself from little things is just harsh. Everyone deserves comfort. Hours of non-stop working, stress, pressure, etc. Everyone deserves even a little time of nothing but serenity. Everyone deserves a break.

So here’s the thing. Am not going to stress my self out. To hell with the rush hour. Am not going to waste my time trying to compete with almost everyone. Am not getting anything from it. At all. I’ll choose comfort. I deserve it. I’ll choose not to waste my time. I’d rather be somewhere, sipping coffee or munching something while am reading. You might think it’s shallow but it’s my comfort. It’s never gonna be a waste of my time. It’s what I love. It’s who I am. It’s my life. So I get to choose. Wahahaha! 🙂

So what’s your comfort? 

Thanks for reading my nonsense. I sometimes find comfort in nonsense. ‘Til next time… 

~ Silver

Agspeak, 6/19/2013, Somewhere Out There

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