Am a Freak!!

They say that we are created equal. The same. But as we walk on different paths, experience different things, we change and become more unique from each other.

Well, I know that am different. Yes. I’m still the same with everyone but there are things in me that I really find weird…

I’m a FREAK! And I’m going to enumerate the things that’s really weird about me… Some are justifiable, some are not. Don’t judge me! 🙂

1.  I don’t like pork and beans. But if it’s the last thing I have to eat to survive, oh, well.

2.  I am not a fan of doughnuts. I can’t really trace how and when did this started. But I eat munchkins. 🙂

3.  I’m scared of blood. Seeing real-time accidents would make me lose my entirety. It would freeze me. Of course, I would want to help but I think I’m not really the person you can rely on for help. And this is the reason why I’m not fond of hospitals. Whenever I’m there, I make sure to stay in one place and not look around. I don’t wanna see morbid stuffs. That’s why I find it ironic because my ultimate ambition is to become a Criminal Lawyer. Freak!

4.  I’m a freak when riding a motorcycle. Well, I have a good reason for this. I had an accident once. A small dog blocked our way. What happened would always haunt me. And because of that, I’d rather walk than ride one. But whenever I really have to ride one, I’m a pain in the ass. I would always tell the driver to take it slow and be more careful. You can imagine how loud I could be in always reminding the driver not to “overtake”, maintain a certain speed, etc. Well, I’m a freak!

5.  I’m afraid of busy streets. Whenever there’s a need for me to cross a busy street, I would always make sure that it’s super safe. I don’t really care if I have to wait for a long time as long as the street is out of vehicles. I’d rather be late for work than sorry. I trust myself in crossing. It’s the vehicles that I don’t.

6.  Plug/Unplug and anything with electricity. I’m a freak when it comes to this. Was electrocuted a lot of times when I was young. That’s the reason. So every time I have to plug/unplug something, especially if I’m not familiar with the place/area, I would always ask someone to do it for me. Good thing that I’m charming and I always say “please.”

7.  Buildings/Infrastructures that are under construction. Whenever I have to pass on an area where a building is under construction, I always tend to walk fast or even run. Heard a lot of news about people dying because of falling debris. And I think I’ve been watching too much “Final Destination.” Bottom line is, I don’t wanna kill myself.

8.  Vehicles behind big trucks. Whenever I’m in a vehicle that’s moving behind a big truck, I would always freak out. What if’s would come over my head. Again, this is because of “Final Destination.” So I would always ask the driver to move back, far away from the big thing. It’s funny but true. I’m never gonna have my own car if I’m always like this.

9.  Seas. I don’t know how to swim. Well, even if I know how, still I’ll be a freak when it comes to seas and any body of water that’s beyond my control. I love beaches. I love swimming (if you can really call it swimming.) But to go deeper is not my thing. Whenever my friends would assure me that it’ll be fine, I just don’t trust myself. The sea is a very vast area. And I know how small I am. Anything can happen. I’m satisfied staying near the shore while appreciating the beauty in front of me. But I’ll be a hypocrite if I will deny being jealous of people who could go underwater and watch the beauty underneath. I really want to learn how to swim and get over this craziness. I hope soon…

Well, these are some of the things that would freak me out. As I’ve said, some are valid, some are not. The things that happened to me, my experiences, the experiences of others, were the reasons why I’m like this. It may sound weird and all but at the end of the day, I would still go for being safe. For me and for the people I love. It’s no sin to be more cautious.

So you can call me whatever, this is ME! Either leave or live with it. :))))))



~ Silver

Agspeak, House of the Sinapats, August 18, 2013

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